What is a Guide?
Want to help create Visionary Society in your community? The Guide jumpstarts Visionary Society by undertaking one or more simple tasks.
The Guide is someone who is sensitive to the lives of others. The Guide shares the concepts and activities of Visionary Society in the community. Guides are catalysts.
Select whatever opportunities that interest you.
► Gatherings
Exploring a Quest on your own is good, but doing it together with friends and community members is better! Facilitating Quests is easy and no one needs to be an expert. The Quest Path is designed to be intuitive. Just follow the steps that interest you. Attendees are provided with a free drink, courtesy of Visionary Society. To begin, decide on the Gathering type. Select Quest meeting, Public action, or Celebration of the good.
► Visionary News
Visionary Society offers a simple newsletter on a regular basis. The newsletter is meant to be an invitation to the world that we are envisioning. The purpose is to offer a window from the (status quo) into a visionary world.
Create a local version
The local Visionary News is a simple version of the main paper. You may add your own article, information about upcoming Gatherings, and local Plans.
Distibrute the paper at 5 – 20 public spaces or businesses (such as cafes and stores) around town.
► Plans
Visionary Society Plans is a new way to connect those who need help with those who want to help, based on mutual understanding and concern. The Guide verifies and supports particpants.