What does it mean?
What is Visionary Society?
Visionary Society is a way to resolve impossible problems at the level that they were produced. to turn your ideas about how to make the world better into action. It is a place to stand up for and co-create an alternate reality. It is a place to challenge each other to be more than we are.

Visionary Society is a way to connect ideals with actions: spirit and matter; mind, heart and hands. It is not political, ideological or religious.

It is constant movement inward, underneath, and beyond:
– Inside, to explore the meaning of what exists.
– Underneath, to discover the universal principles which produces it.
– Beyond, to bring together the ideal and the real in the world.
Visionary Society is community based, building a structure of topics, requests, challenges and projects in any community with sufficient interest.
Visionary Society Goals
We live within a matrix of power, profit, property and pleasure, suppressing our vision and keeping us at the level of mere individuals. We want to wake people from convention, shake off the trance, tear away the veils: to reveal the eternal behind the particular and make a substantial place for it in the communities in which we live. Our goal is not so much to change the world as to make it safe for sensitivity to the real:
– Approach intractable problems in a way that can transform them.
– Find the meaning of any topic in which you participate. Grasp the totality. See the good in the banal. Find the flaws, but focus on the good.
– Make the world safe for purity, depth, and soulfulness.
– Welcome those who are suffering because they are unable to express what is most important in what they conceive.
– Call ourselves to our higher nature: sensitivity to beauty, good, truth, and the sacred, and the personal qualities needed for this (such as depth, purity, humility).
– Develop a vision of the highest form of basic social institutions and actions to bring that into being.
– Live into being the world we are conceiving, in every way that we participate in society: work, purchases, leisure, spirituality, etc.
– Be part of a growing community of those who are expressing our full humanity.
– Build a critical mass for larger scale action.
Visionary Society Principles
►   Visionary Society works by engaging participants in direct change using their own resources: time, passion, skills, talent, etc.
►   It depends on cooperation. At every moment of our lives we should be trying to find out, not in what we differ from other people, but in what we agree with them.
►   It doesn't depend on the use of force (policy, law, or adversarial relationships). It doesn't depend on external help from established organizations (but may make Requests to them).
►   It doesn't appeal to or depend on authority or second-hand knowledge, ideology, dogma.
►   It is community based. Each location is semi-autonomous.
►   It addresses and resolves a universal principle.