How does it work?
What is Information?
Information is a short, relevant fact about a Place
How can you use Information?
You walk into a store and see smiling faces. Why are they smiling?

Use Information to ask and answer questions about the places you use, to find out what is going on behind the scenes. What is the value of what is being sold? What is being done with the profits? What is the effect on those who made them, on the community and in your own life? Is the staff happy, or miserable? And most important, Why? Why are the products appealing? Why is the business in existence?

Use Information to understand the meaning behind the places you use. Now, anyone can be a micro-journalist!
How does Information work?
► Select a Request that the Information is related to
Requests are validated, so this ensures that Information is relevant and not frivolous. Information shows how a Place succeeds or fails in meeting the terms of a Request

► Keep it short
Visionary Society entries should be about a paragraph. Feel free to add as many entries on different subjects as you like.

► Information must have a Source
We use basic journalism standards. Select one of three Source types: a web link to a published document, a publication name and date, or upload a document or image yourself.
Information Categories
Conventional review sites look at how a place satisfies your interests (service, price, atmosphere, etc). Visionary Society Reviews use full spectrum categories, to explore the whole value of a Place: the What, How, Effect and Why.

► What does it do?
What is the value of the product or service? Does it satisfies real or artificial needs? Is it beneficial? Does it serve the common good? Does it improve the quality of life?

► How does it operate?
Are prices reasonable, and proportionate to actual costs? Are profits distributed fairly? Is it fair to employees, to suppliers, to customers? Is it secretive or transparent? Is it authoritarian and bureaucratic, and impersonal? Or personal, fair, generous, honest and humane?

► What is the effect?
Does it improve the well-being of customers? Does it produce healthy, whole, and holy human beings? Or does it appeal to lust, violence, envy, or ambition? Does it prey on desire or fear? Does it strengthen community and relationships? Does it protect the environment and natural resources?

► Why is it there?
What is the purpose or mission? Does it serve the common good? Is there concern for beauty, joy, relationship, and good? Or is it focused on money making and possessions?