What is Visionary News?
What is Visionary News?
Visionary Society offers a simple newsletter/newspaper to the communiuty on a regular basis (monthly, quarterly or annually, depending on interest). While Visionary Society produces much of the material, the Guide should review it for relevance and may suggest new content to make it relevant to your community. Just follow this step-by-step process.
Visionary News is composed of two parts: Articles and Plans...
How Visionary News works
Visionary News is meant to be semi-autonomous and easy to create. Contributors submit articles using our online template. Editors edit and place the articles in the current edition.
Papers are created by an editor and a core group of active participants in each location. The editor write the secondary editorial for each edition (the primary editorial would be the same in each paper).
Each issue has a primary theme and a main article based on the theme. It has a number of articles of various kinds. Visionary Society provides several articles for each issue (including the primary editorial).
No article stands on its own. Each is has tools for further understanding and action, and part of the totality of – that we call Visionary Society.
Editor Responsibilities
Any city or village can have its own Visionary News. The editor is responsible for planning the edition and seeing it through to publication.
This position is right for you if:
– You have good written communication skills.
– You are willing to suspend conflicts of interest. Everyone has biases and personal political views. The editor must be able to focus on the deeper issues.
– Select a theme that interests you (any major social institution).
– Primary article (required).
The main article is the same across all editions. You provide basic content for the local situation.
Write or edit the secondary articles (Details here):
– General news (minimum 2).
– Business type (minimum 2).
– Splendid or Not-so-splendid business (minimum 1).
– Editorial (required).
– Other feature articles (optional).
– Hold a meeting to introduce the upcoming issue of Visionary News to the public (optional).
– Distribute the printed papers.