How does it work?
What is a Challenge?
Challenges are personal choices to be more thoughtful about how you lead your life.
How can you use Challenges?
You can improve the world little by little. Use Challenges to change your lifestyle or personal behavior, what you consume, or your participation in modern society. You can Challenge yourself to improve how you use your free time, to improve your community, to change what you do in your work, or with friends and family.

For example, you might choose to walk to work everyday, to give your gas money to charity, to volunteer at a shelter, to write a letter by hand.

Take this opportunity to be more thoughtful about the choices you make, about your relationships and actions. Manage and track your progress on the Challenge page, and share your choices, encouraging friends with their own Challenges.
How do Challenges work?
►   Easily create your own Challenges for anything you want to accomplish in your own life.
►   Join public Challenges that interest you.
►   Come back each month to track your success in meeting your Challenges.
►   Invite Friends to join your Challenges.
►   Help Validate proposed public Challenges to make them available for all Visionary Society members.
General features of Visionary Society Actions
►   An Action Plan is part of every Topic. Meaningful action depends on understanding. Topics bring understanding and action together.
►   There are three kinds of Actions: Requests (to make Places better), Challenges (to decide to change your own life), and Plans (to create something new).
►   Actions should meet the basic Visionary Society Principles, such as Thoughtfulness and Compassion.
►   Actions must be Validated before they are available to be used by the community.