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Visionary Tanzania connects travelers with people in need in Tanzania.
Getting started is easy. Just register with your email address and you’ll receive an update once a month (you can deactivate at any time). The update may include ways to learn and help each other, as well as insights for personal and social transformation.
Being a friend is the vocation of any sensitive human being.

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Tanzanian grant recipients
Help the elderly continue to live in their...
Digital storytelling in Zanzibar
Help Rural Cambodians Escape Hunger &...
Cooperative café, bookstore & thrift...
Provide women and girls education in Tanzania
Art and Play at Bus Stops
Local organizations
Health care

What is Visionary Tanzania?
Visionary Tanzania is connecting travelers with people in need. When you are ready, select a category, and provide a small donation if you like. But that's the least of what we are doing. There are already hundreds of non-profit organizations in Tanzania. Our real goal is to address root causes of these problems, and to help each other become more than we are.

What is Visionary Society?
Visionary society is satisfying your thirst to live in the society you envision:
• Examine things of importance with friends and strangers.
• Demonstrate that compassion and understanding in the real world is possible.
• Stand up for and co-create an alternate reality.
• Resolve impossible problems at the level that they were produced.
• Create a climate of exploration, soulfulness and possibility.
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