How does it work?
Events are gatherings of people to develop a
Request, Challenge, Project or Topic
What kinds of Events can you create or join?
Create an Event to find others interested in a Visionary Society issue and build a critical mass to take action.

Do you Support a Request and would like to see it gain momentum by getting others (customers, staff and management) involved? Have you accepted an important Challenge that should be presented to the public? Are you aware of a social problem in any Topic that you'd like to see resolved, and want help developing an Action Plan for it? Create or join an event.
How do Visionary Society Events work?
► The meeting creator simply fills out a form with the event details, including the goals and focus of the Event. It is then publicized throughout Visonary Society.

► Event Type 1: Explore a Topic
Select an area of focus, such as: exploring Opinions (the Present Situation or Resolution, or developing an Action Plan.

► Event Type 2: Invitation to a Request
Participants meet at a central location, where they review the Request and prepare for the Action. Select between visiting a single Place or a number of Places of a type (Cafe, Hotel, etc).

► Event Type 3: Make a Challenge in a public space
After an initial meeting, participants gather in a public space to engage the public in a Challenge and the Topic that it is a part of.