What is Citywide Engagement & Learning?
Meetings should begin or conclude with some kind of action. A great insight matters little unless we bring it into the world. Unsure of what kind of action? There is always the possibility of simply bringing the Quest to the public. We could call this Citywide learning.

Citywide learning is a kind of Quest meeting writ large. It can include the presenting of Insights or Perspectives on each side, immersive meditation to bring the issue into the heart of the individual, and tools for collaborative action. As a kind of expanded meeting, it could include speakers from local organizations. The event can be as simple as a couple of people going to a public square and handing out leaflets, and presenting a process of genuine reflection. It can also be more involved, including giving talks on local radio stations or engaging the local media.
Citywide engagement simply means presenting the quest. To the shopper in a supermarket, the drinker in a microbrewery, the audience at a performance. The sightseer, the sensualist, the epicure. That is, wherever we are living our actual lives. The key is in making the Quest public, in describing the enigma so as to create a question in the mind of the listener.

We must be able to go up to anyone and ask them to think about their position, their property, their job, their life. The main thing is our attitude and approach. We must proceed with goodwill and thoughtfulness, without blame or anger, in a helpful but challenging way. What is important is that it breaks through pleasantries, addresses the root issue, and creates a climate of affection and reflection. It is meant to be genuine welcome to join us in a task essential to our humanity.

Just presenting this approach to the general public is of importance. The main thing is that it supercedes politics and ideology, that it addresses the root issue, and that it creates a climate of affection and reflection. Visionary public events are a counterpoint and antidote to protest, political activism, and the cycle of peace and violence. How can we expect change if people are not shown that it is possible, that it is possible to reimangine standard approaches to any topic. That is our only real task.

Moving forward with a group of visionary citizens is a grand gesture, building and leading to a more visionary world. Others will participate as much or as little as they like. We will reach the exact amount of resolution that we deserve. All we need is the courage of heart and soul.