What is Public Action?
A great insight matters little unless and until we bring it into the world...

Having gone through a Visionary Society Quest we are able to reconstruct the dilemma we began with, so that it ceases to exist. Now we are ready to take action: insightful, courageous, collaborative and transformative action. We call that Transform. Visionary public events are a counterpoint and antidote to protest, political activism, and the cycle of peace and violence.

Public action works by engagement – engaging anyone in doing something of significance, something essential to our humanity. How can we expect change if people are not shown that it is possible? That is our only real task. The goal is simply to offer it to the person on the street. At that point, they will participate as much or as little as they like. We will reach the exact amount of resolution that we deserve.

The trick is in making the Quest public, in raising the question as clearly as possible. That means making others think about what they are doing, at the heart level, without blame or anger, in a helpful but challenging way. We must be able to go up to anyone and ask them to think about their position, to do something with their beliefs, their property, their job, their life. It will be good to go occasionally to public squares, to cafes and theaters, with a group of visionary citizens, and ask for depth. This alone is a grand gesture, building and leading to a more visionary world.

What kind of action? It doesn’t matter much, as long as it is offered publicly and in a way that breaks through pleasantries, addresses the root issue, and creates a climate of affection and reflection. How many people need to be involved? That doesn’t matter much either, as long as it is more than one. Where can it take place? Anywhere we can share it with friends and neighbors.

How does it work?
► Public action works by creating awareness. The more people we invite, the more momentum there is.

► Share the Quest in any public or quasi-public space, at any central location such as a public square, on the street, at a business.

► Hand out an Invitation card or pamphlet. Ask them to enter a process of thoughtfulness about an issue that affects the Place they are using.

► Before leaving, ask them to become involved by Supporting the Quest at

How to approach people
Begin with empathy, sympathy, helpfulness, and friendship, not criticism, anger, aggression or superiority. That is what makes Invitations different from political activity.

► Ask anyone for a minute of their time Extend a warm welcome to this opportunity for being thoughtful and building a better world.

► Approach people helpfully yet incisively
Appeal to good will. Do not blame others or to manipulate them in any way (even if you think they are causing harm). Take the well being of managers and owners into account.

► Ask for reflection
Begin with questions. Ask whether they have thought about the issue that the Request addresses.
Action principles
► Any social problem can be resolved at the root level.

► Rather than appealing to established power, social and personal problems can can be resolved by use of one's personal resources (time, passion, skill, etc.).

► It is always possible to reach the heart of the protagonist.

► Personal qualities needed are the ability to listen, hear, and see. Be prepared to change your mind. Work together with those that you disagree with. We are asking for shared humanity.

► Find the flaw in the existing situation, but focus on the good.

Can Invitations really make change?
► It begins to change the way we think of each other.

► It builds public awareness and consensus about underlying causes and solutions.

► It demonstrates integrity, innovation and hope. It recognizes unique individuals who can do something of significance.

► Create a climate for understanding, however brief.

► Wake people up to what is important

► Awaken our sensitivity to violence, degradation and thoughtlessness

► Confront the bureaucratic attitude

► Protect unformed personalities

► Combat respectability and self-satisfaction

► Lift the human to the level of the spiritual