What does it mean?
Visionary Society Principles
Universal Principles
There is no longer a consensus in society about right and wrong. Yet we can probably agree on a few basic principles. A test of these principles must be that they are self-evident: No one can oppose them, everyone can agree with them.


Thoughtfulness. Ability to think, reflect, discuss, and understand. Find the causes of external issues and problems, and act at the root level.

Compassion. Empathy, kindness, helpfulness, well-being. Serve both the external and underlying needs of all involved. Do not mislead or take advantage of others for your own benefit.

Build understanding, relationship, beauty, and spirituality in practice. Take the human element and inner life into account.

Make inner beauty visible. Practical expressions of the good, true, beautiful, love and the sacred.

Being (?)
The gentle virtues: Humility, gentleness, purity, inwardness, soulfulness.
Visionary Society Philosophy
1. Truth, love, beauty, good, and the sacred exist.
2. The human functions corresponding to these are perceiving, relationship, creation, action, and being.
3. Superficial human functions – ignorance, hate, sensuality, bigotry and profanity – result in suffering.
4. The deep human functions are understanding, love, creativity, goodness and spirituality.
5. These make it possible to express the dimensions of reality in our practical life in society.
To learn more about Visionary Society, see the book Visionary Society: Essays, Stories, Adventures, Poems and Sketches From My Journey There, by Visionary Society Founder Adam Bederson