What does it mean?
What is Visionary News?
What is Visionary News?
Visionary News is a fresh look at the communities we live in. Our goal is to reclaim the self-evident, to make the obvious impossible to deny. It is to point out how current events meet or fail to meet the full spectrum of human needs and functions.
Visionary News does not have a particular political or spiritual perspective. It is based on nothing but sheer will – the will to brings together thought and action. We want to find and publicize what is most real in everyday situations: the extent to which good, beauty and truth are suppressed or expressed. We want to shake our complacency, to challenge the status quo from a positive perspective, and draw us together in active co-creation of the basic building blocks of society.
Our genuine voices are not recognized by society. Social institutions address our superficial aspects: self-preservation, economic wealth, and the satisfaction of desire. These are the features of biological life, and while of course they are essential they do not begin to comprehend the full range of our nature.
Is it possible to break through the static of politics and culture? Is it possible to reconceive the ephemeral and mundane events that make up the ‘news’? Visionary News depends on a whole new way of participating in society, one that involves (deep) thought and action. We call this ‘Visionary Society.’ It operates through moral capital: raising consciousness, challenging, provoking, encouraging, and offering tangible options to those who are not active members, and especially to those who are creating the problems (both directly and indirectly).’
Join us in Visionary News, as co-creators, or idea gatherers, or as part of the community of readers who are making the news by reframing the questions.
How to find the news
What does it mean to get under the surface of a contemporary event? What makes an issue deep, rather than political, left or right? It means transforming the field on which the opposing parties meet, so that they no longer meet in opposition. It means turning a political conflict into a mystery.
We need to find the stories that are so real and so important that we are entirely resigned to them or do not see that they exist. News is whatever is truly significant in public life: how this is thwarted and how it can be achieved. What is superficial? Whatever is purely material, economic, external. What is deep? Whatever provides access to truth, beauty, love, good and the sacred. We should always be asking what diminishes and what enlarges life.
How do we find genuine news, news of the real? We are trapped in the present, blinded by the circumstances in which we find ourselves. We need to step back, and keep going back until we reach the true origin of our current events.
A mystery is a contradiction between the way things are now and an ideal. It is a challenge to resolve the social problem before it is formed. It is the enigma of how to integrate inner and outer, self and society. It is an 'impossible question,' because it is not possible given normal assumptions. The more challenging the question, the deeper we need to go in conceiving a response. Solutions that simply address the existing situation – external solutions – falsify our position.
Challenge all assumptions, biases, ideology, dogma.
Instead of looking for or demanding change, ask for understanding. Seek mutual agreement. Don't assume that our present choices are a permanent fact. Don't assume the permanent existence of factions.
Ask how any potential response affects our well-being. Don't assume that needs are satisfied by commodities. Consider personal psychology, character, virtue, and will. Address underlying causes first, then external needs. (The opposite of Maslow's hierarchy of needs.)
Do not look to government or big business for a solution. Do not appeal to – or blame – leaders or authorities.

What we are not
Political: Liberal or conservative (but interested in the effect of politics on human beings).
Entertainment (but interested in the exploration or celebration of life).
Religious or spiritual (but capable of seeing what is sacred or ultimate).
Contentious (but capable of positive, direct challenge).