How does it work?
What is a Request?
Requests are a new way to interact with the businesses and organizations you use, asking them to be more thoughtful and to change for the better.
How can you use Requests?
Have you ever been mislead by advertising? Use Requests to ask a business to be more honest.

Is a company really environmentally friendly, as it claims? Or are its claims based on misleading statistics? You could create a Request to ask it to become more transparent about its operations.

Is an agency serving the interests of the public it is meant to represent? Create a Request for it to provide services that the public genuinely needs.

Use Requests to interact with the places you use - Inviting them to improve and contribute to a better community.
How do Requests work?
► Visit the Request page to track the progress of a Request over time
Each Request has a page to track its progress until it finally reaches Success.

► Easily Support a Request for a place you use. Just click Support.
Share the Request on social media to publicize it.

► Advance the Request by using Invitations
Speak with anyone involved in the place, including customers, staff and management. Give them an Invitation card.

► Create a new Request for any Place you use.
How to create a Request
► Requests should be fair and reasonable
They should recognize the valid interests of the management and offer a practical choice for them to take action and produce results.

► Requests should be presented in a positive, helpful way
We see ourselves as working together to make a better place - collaboratively, not confrontationally.

► Present it in a way that could apply to all places of that type
For example, 'Supermarkets should sell meat from animals that have not been tortured,' not 'Safeway should stop selling eggs from caged chickens.'

► After a Request is Validated it is available to be used in any Place
Go to the particular Place page and click 'Activate this Request.'

Features of all Visionary Society Actions
►   An Action Plan is part of every Topic. Meaningful action depends on understanding. Topics bring understanding and action together.
►   There are three kinds of Actions: Requests (to make Places better), Challenges (to decide to change your own life), and Plans (to create something new).
►   Actions should meet the basic Visionary Society Principles, such as Thoughtfulness and Compassion.
►   Actions must be Validated before they are available to be used by the community.
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