How does it work?
Explore Places to understand the true value of the places you use or interests you
What makes Visionary Society Places different?
Use Visionary Society Places the way you might use Yelp or Tripadvisor, but look at the bigger picture. What is the value of the product or service, not just to yourself but in and of itself? How does the place treat its staff? Is it fair and honest with customers? Is open about how the business is run? Does it claim to be ethical while taking advantage of foreign labor, or damaging the environment?

Think of the cafes you use, the theaters you go to, the doctors you visit. Are your local news stations providing balanced coverage? Are the big malls driving out small businesses?

Become an active participant – not just a passive consumer – in the places you use or follow.

How can I use Visionary Society Places?
► Easily add any Place to your Profile by clicking "Add to My Places"
Track the progress of your Places over time.

► Read or add Reviews
Explore a Place from a broader, deeper perspective, using the categories What, How, Way and Why.

► Read or add Information
See what a Place is doing in practice.

► Support or create a Request
See how a Place is doing and help it improve. Compare all Places of that Type (for example, Cafes, Hotels, Theaters).

What are Visionary Society Reviews?
Conventional review sites look at service, price, atmosphere, etc. Visionary Society Reviews and Information use full spectrum categories.
►   What does it do?
What is the value of the product or service? Does it satisfies real or artificial needs? Does it improve well-being and the quality of life?
►   How does it work practically?
Are prices reasonable, and proportionate to actual costs? Are profits distributed fairly? Is it fair to employees, to suppliers, to customers?
►   What is the Way it works?
Is it personal, generous and humane? Does it strengthen community and protect the environment? Or does it appeal to lust, violence, envy, or fear? Is it authoritarian, impersonal, and secretive?
►   Why is it there?
What is its purpose? Does it serve the common good? Or is it focused on money making and personal possessions?