How does it work?
Invitations are a way to ask a place or person to be better
Invitations are a way to break through pleasantries and get to what is significant. If you are waiting in line, in a bus, in a park, here's a chance to ask questions that matter – to use our minds and hearts – to really find out 'How are you?'
What are Invitations?
It is shocking that we are so passive in what determines the shape of our everyday lives. Visionary Society Actions are invitations to make the world better by becoming active. Being active means that we use our intelligence and courage to reclaim the power we already have.
Learning to make an Invitation is practical wisdom. Although it may be unexpected, although it may be profoundly challenging, and although it may be made to someone who is already satisfied and has no intention of change, it is still the best service we could do for another.
There is always a place for the human heart. Make an Invitation to any stakeholder - anyone with a potential interest in the subject or a role to play. Meet the person at the heart level. Offer a true welcome.
This is not standard activism, in which we are trying to achieve a goal. Instead, we're trying to reconceive and reestablish the ground on which we stand. Begin with questions: Are you willing to enter a micro-climate of thoughtfulness? Does your activity suppress or improve sensitivity to life? Are you willing to explore the hidden and indirect implications of what you do, including including the effect on producers, the environment, and customers?
Invitations are not meant to be entirely harmless. We are standing up for the right to thoughtfulness. We are defending sensitivity for what is deepest and most important. To make the world safe for depth, we will challenge anything that:
– Is an assault to the soul
– Suppresses sensitivity and awareness
– Diminishes the ability to act
– Justifies callousness, coercion or superficiality
Conventional means for improving society – voting in elections, or working within the confines of a profession – cannot make fundamental change. Invitations are a way of voting for a new state of mind and society.
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