How does it work?
Cultivate this work of art that is your life
What is Quest?
Visionary Society presents Quest, a holistic approach that brings together thought, feeling and action at one and the same time.

Quest is the totality of a response to a mystery. Quest is yearning for good, truth, love. Quest is the exploration of who we are and who we must become. Quest is aliveness. Quest is totality. It is community. It is revolutionary.

Quest is an alternative to the staid, ancient educational system. It is not intellect. It is not achievement. It is not glory. It is not fulfillment. Quest is a miracle. It is a miracle that, in spite of ignorance and mortality, we still have the possibility for the utmost.

Any issue can be presented as a Quest. A Quest can be thought of as a personal or social problem to be resolved by finding its origin in a worldview that has been misunderstood. Every social problem is based on a false social construct that is deeply embedded within us. If we want to resolve the problem we have to reimagine that social construct.

Quest asks the user to resolve a human problem, one that is of vital importance in the life of the individual. What do you do with your time and money, passions, talents and skills? What should you do for money, help, creativity, leisure? What do you need for spirituality and joy? What should you do with your life? Every one of these questions, however simple they may seem to be, is a mystery, a portal, a whirlwind. Quest demonstrates that every significant question is a unitary, curative process.

How it works
If you are able to enter a Quest, you have already been given a great gift. True, we have to do it alone. But when we are ready, we will join together with the power of collaborative understanding.

Do not enter frivolously. Resolve that you are not finished until you make the resolution. It may take minutes, it may take years, but do not stop until you reach the root – until you realize, integrate, reflect, and act.

Browse Quest to find an issue that you care about, anything that is of vital importance.

1. Mystery
2. Topic
3. Reflect
4. Imagine
5. Invitation

– Become capable of looking within yourself.
– Develop exquisite sensitivity to the human situation.
– Find out what is freedom, understanding, compassion and spirituality.
– Awaken the spirit and prepare yourself to bring soul into everyday life.
– Recognize the grandeur and mystery of existence, the mystery, excitement and goodness of the journey we are taking together.
– Smile with a true smile.
– Create your learning pathway.
– Find the key to the basic functions of life: Understanding, relationship, action, creativity and being.