What is a Visionary Society Gathering?
Exploring a Quest on your own is good, but doing it together with friends and community members is better! Facilitating Quests is easy and no one needs to be an expert. The Quest Path is designed to be intuitive. Just follow the steps that interest you.
To begin, select a Featured Quest, or a Quest in any other area, such as a social or political or personal issue. Then, decide on the Gathering type.

Quest Meeting
Offer a meeting open to Visionary society members and the public, with the purpose of entering any Visionary Society Quest and reaching the heart of a basic social or personal mystery.
A great insight matters little unless and until we bring it into the world. Invitation works by engagement – doing something of significance, with others.
A great insight matters little unless we bring it into the world. What kind of action? It doesn’t matter much, as long as it is offered publicly and in a way that addresses the root issue, and that creates a climate of affection and reflection.
Celebration of the Good
Can we envision a new kind of entertainment, one that engages people in active celebration of beauty, truth and good?
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