How to start Visionary Society in your community
We don't need money or glory. We don't need a lot of people. A small group is enough to establish the nucleus of Visionary Society in any community. We will assist you every step along the way.

What can you do?
→   Get started by selecting any Quest, any impossible question or beautiful conundrum that must be resolved. (Explain how to promote this.)

There are three types of Gatherings:
Meetings, to explore any part of a Quest.
Actions, to introduce the results of a Quest path to the public.
Celebration of the Good, an experiment in entertainment, a new way to pass the time with strangers and friends.

→   Select a Featured Quest to offer in your community
→   Schedule a Gathering on any Quest
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Post newsletters at 5 - 10 businesses and public spaces around town. Visionary Society provides a universal edition. If you prefer, you may add local content, selecting Quests or Plans, meetings or actions, to promote.
Add a short article, writing it yourself or with the help of paid or unpaid volunteers.
Our goal is mainly to present your community in a new way, as a question, a challenge and a choice, and to make this clear and inescapable. Visionary Society is proof that we do have power, if we choose to use it. Go ahead, use it!

→   Create article
→   Promote a Plan.
Modest stipends are provided to help get Visionary Society started in your community.
– Distribute Newsletter: $3 per place (min. 5, max. 20)
– Hold meeting: $20 - 50
– Stipend for each published article: $20 - 50
– Additional Editor stipend: $50
What is a Guide?
Ready to get started? Fill out the online application
Want more information? Email us.

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Edit the articles using our online system, and choose the size and position of each piece.
Sketch in the first edition. Visionary Society staff will review the plan with you and approve it.
Distribute and advertise the paper throughout town.
Select the Sister Cities you wish to support. (Primary locations only)
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