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Visionary Society is meant to grow naturally by those who have a special interest in any aspect of it, and would like to help develop that part in their community.

Please enter your location and explain what your interest in Visionary Society is and what role you'd like to take. We'll review this and start taking steps to making your community more Visionary!
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How it works
Some of the material on this page is based on previous versions of Visionary Society. We are updating it as we go along. In the meantime you should be able to use the help on active pages for whatever you need.

What is a Project?
Projects are a way to create something new in the world that addresses a social problem at the root level. Why not watch the video to find out more?

How can you use Projects?
We all have a dream for making the world better – to create something important, something that our community needs. But it's hard to start something new. Visionary Society Projects helps you get started.

For example, do you want to create a gathering place in a local park? Would you like to clean up your neighborhood? Get started by adding your proposal and the steps that are needed to make it a reality.

Want to help refugees in your community? Want to resolve an injustice? Want to promote a referendum or issue (in a deep, not just political way)? Set up the steps, gather Support, and take make your Project real!
Project Elements
►   Addresses and resolves a basic universal principle such as understanding or compassion.
►   Community based and benefits the community. Open to all to create and participate.
►   Uses our personal resources (time, passion, skills, talent, money).
►   Works through direct action (by oneself, the local group, the associated group, and the community).
►   Doesn't depend on external help from established organizations – but may make Requests to them to engage helpfully.
►   Doesn't depend on the use of power (policy, law, or adversarial relationships).
►   Presents and tracks results over a course of several years.

Instead of doing good for others, we are using our own abilities to build new solutions to social problems.

How do Projects work?
►   Easily add your Project by entering a title and overview
►   Develop your Project Plan by adding Resources and Steps
Steps are practical elements of the Project. Add as many as your Project needs. Set opportunities for people to take a Step.
►   Submit your Project to the community for Validation.
►   Mark your Steps as a Success as they are completed.
When all the Steps are complete, the Project is a Success!

Features of all Visionary Society Actions
►   An Action Plan is part of every Topic. Meaningful action depends on understanding. Topics bring understanding and action together.
►   There are three kinds of Actions: Requests (to make Places better), Challenges (to decide to change your own life), and Proposals (to create something new).
►   Actions should meet the basic Visionary Society Principles, such as Thoughtfulness and Compassion.
►   Actions must be Validated before they are available to be used by the community.