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Visionary Society is meant to grow naturally by those who have a special interest in any aspect of it, and would like to help develop that part in their community.

Please enter your location and explain what your interest in Visionary Society is and what role you'd like to take. We'll review this and start taking steps to making your community more Visionary!
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How it works
Some of the material on this page is based on previous versions of Visionary Society. We are updating it as we go along. In the meantime you should be able to use the help on active pages for whatever you need.

Invitations are a way to ask a place or person to be better
How can I use Invitations?
Invitations are a way to break through pleasantries and get to what is significant. If you are waiting in line, in a bus, in a park, here's a chance to ask questions that matter – to use our minds and hearts – to really find out 'How are you?' Use Invitations to invite businesses or organizations to join Visionary Society, or ask anyone to join a Challenge. Increase public awareness, to get groundswell, and make change!
How do Invitations work?
► Invitations work by creating awareness among all of the users of a Place. The more people we Invite, the more momentum there is to finally make a Success!
► Invite anyone who participates in the Place (owner, manager, staff member or customer)
Hand out an Invitation card and introduce yourself and the Request. Ask them to enter a process of thoughtfulness about an issue that affects the Place they are using.
► Before leaving, Invite them to become involved by Supporting the Request
Before leaving, Invite them to become involved by Supporting the Request. They can learn more about the Request, Place, Topic and other Actions at
► After making an Invitation enter the response.
Each Request has a page to track its progress. Return to the page to see how it develops over time, including the responses of stakeholders, and updated Information about the status of its Success.
How to approach people
Begin with empathy, sympathy, helpfulness, and friendship, not criticism, anger, aggression or superiority. That is what makes Invitations different from political activity.
► Ask any stakeholder for a minute of their time
Extend a warm welcome to this opportunity for being thoughtful and building a better world.
► Approach people helpfully yet incisively
Appeal to good will. Do not blame others or to manipulate them in any way (even if you think they are causing harm). Take the well being of managers and owners into account.
► Ask for reflection
Begin with questions. Ask whether they have thought about the issue that the Request addresses.
Can Invitations really create change?
Can a Visionary Society Invitation really make change?
► It begins to change the way we think of a business.
► It has practical tools for how places can make small changes that make a big difference.
► It builds public awareness and consensus about underlying causes and solutions.
► The response is publicized in various places in the Visionary Society site and the community, ensuring accountability.
► It provides ongoing support, development and tracking of the progress of Places over a period of years.
► It demonstrates integrity, innovation and hope. It recognizes unique individuals who can do something of significance.