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Can we combat mass culture? Are there objective standards for culture? What is the purpose of art? What is the difference between outer and inner beauty?
What is explosive creativity?
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Banned books vs. Beautiful books
Is it possible to distinguish between destructive and beautiful art? Is Beauty possible in the modern world? Join us in creating Beautiful Books.
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Do you believe beauty, good and truth exist? Join us in creating Beautiful Books, a public event to promote and celebrate beautiful culture and art. We want to remind each other that culture can lift and inspire, inform and transform.

Beautiful Books includes public and private performances to celebrate the Good, as well as meetings to explore Art, Music, Entertainment, Creativity, and Beauty. And Public Action to publicize all this in the community.

Explosive creativity is freedom from the social narrative.

How do we measure culture? “By how much spiritual substance there is in its everyday existence...We gauge culture by the extent to which a whole people, not only individuals, live in accordance with the dictates of an eternal doctrine or strive for spiritual integrity; the extent to which inwardness, compassion, justice and holiness are to be found in the daily life of the masses.”

Abraham Heschel, The Earth is the Lord’s

“Modern knowledge is departmentalized,” H.J. Massingham wrote in 1943, “while the essence of culture is initiation into wholeness, so that all the divisions of knowledge are considered as the branches of one tree, the Tree of Life whose roots went deep into the earth and whose top was in heaven.” Wendell Berry, Home Economics

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