A Quest in the Category Culture
Why are beautiful things so terribly attractive? Can you see through the masquerade of outer beauty? What is the relationship between outer and inner beauty? Can they be reunited?
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A Visionary Society Quest
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Is there a place for beauty?
Beauty is adrift, under assault, in need of a friend. Does beauty even exist? Don’t make me laugh. We know that beauty exists, good exists, truth exists. We know it in our hearts, we see it all around us. The real question is: What can we do about it?
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The terrible thing is that beauty is not only frightening but a mystery as well. That’s where God and the devil join battle, and their battlefield is the heart of man.

Feodor Dostoyevsky

"How easy it is to be attracted by outward beauty, and how hard it is to remove the mask and penetrate to that which is inside." Abraham Heschel
“Beauty exists only where there is love.” J. Krishnamurti

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What is Quest?
Quest is a holistic approach that brings together thought, feeling and action at one and the same time. It is the totality of a response to a mystery. It is yearning for good, truth, love. Learn more.