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Why do we fight our own brothers and sisters? Can conflict be resolved at the root? Is understanding between strangers, political parties, and nations, even possible? Can we put an end to war in ourselves?
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What is real peace? It's more than the cessation of fighting. Profound Peace means living in a way that the other person is as important as you.

Understand the nature of peace.
Explore your own role in conflict.
Select any global conflict.
Form a Peace Brigade!
What is a Peace Brigade?
Let’s form a Peace Brigade for any conflict, in which participants take a pledge for deep understanding of opposing sides, with the goal of establishing genuine communication and acting at the root level of a conflict.
What is Profound peace?

Tepid peace is the result force. What is thunderous, not lukewarm peace? It changes the conflict situation at the root. (3 minutes)
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Proof that peace is possible
I want to tell you about my two cats, Purcilla and Bella, who began with mistrust, hissing at each other. I was so happy when I saw this
Have hope, have courage, have willingness, willingness to do what it takes to reach into the heart.
Let’s begin with one conflict, striving to understand the position of those we oppose. Then, we can begin to set up a Peace Brigade of people on both sides.

What is real peace? It's more than the cessation of fighting. Profound Peace means living in a way that the other person is as important as you.
Let’s admit that we really don’t know what the objectives of either side are or what the real causes of the conflict are. But to be honest it doesn’t matter very much. The main thing is not to take a side just because we happen to be on that side. It doesn’t matter who is right. What we need is tenderness in the face of brutality. We owe it to ourselves not to be bamboozled.

“You may not offend anybody; you may not harbor an uncharitable thought, even in connection with one who may consider himself to be your enemy…The objective of satyagraha is to win the victory over the conflict situation.”

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