What Is Your Calling?
A Quest in the Category Self

What is your unique gift to offer the world?


“There is one thing in this world you must never forget to do. If you forget everything else and not this, there’s nothing to worry about, but if you remember everything else and forget this, then you will have done nothing in your life.” Jalalludin Rumi

“It is a bitter observation: Life is constant peril; moral or even physical security is a myth. Few of us know what to do with our lives, with our power and will, with our intelligence and freedom. The heart is frail and blind; unguided, it becomes savage and forlorn.” Abraham Heschel

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Quest is a holistic approach that brings together thought, feeling and action at one and the same time. It is the totality of a response to a mystery. It is yearning for good, truth, love. Learn more.
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What is your unique gift to offer the world?
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What is your calling? (A Visionary Society Quest)
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