War In Ukraine
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What is the cause of the war in Ukraine? What is our responsibility as citizens of a country actively supporting Ukraine against Russia?

There is always misinformation when it comes to war, what is called the ‘fog of war’. Of course, we could find out, and we do want to make an attempt. But to be honest it doesn’t matter very much. The point is not to find out who is right. It’s not even to find a solution. It’s to create one, transforming the causes. How can we do that? What we need – all we need – is the courage of heart and soul. A message of tenderness in the face of brutality, the brutality of those on the other side of the world and among our own friends and family.
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War in Ukraine (A Visionary Society Quest)
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1. Review insights and perspectives from all sides of the conflict. Ask ourselves what is valid about the other’s point of view.
2. Reflect on our own role in making war possible.
3. Explore possibilities for public action.

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War is out-dated – non-violence is the only way. We need to develop a sense of the oneness of humanity by considering other human beings as brothers and sisters. This is how we will build a more peaceful world.

The Dalai Lama
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