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Does politcs have to depend on the use of force? Does it have to be adversarial?
Is it possible to respond to a political issue in a non-political way? What would it mean to develop exquisite sensitivity to the of the community?
Quests on Politics
What Is Politics?
Does politics have to be adversarial? Would would it take to restore trust and goodwill? What would it mean to develop exquisite sensitivity to the human condition of the community? Is a Visionary Political Party possible, one that doesn’t die on the bush as soon as it begins?
Why are there so many homeless people in wealthy countries? Why is there so much misery on the streets, with people living on the streets, in filth? Why can’t we provide the basics needed for a decent life?
Is there a deep solution, one which stops homelessness before it happens, one which makes it possible for the homeless to thrive, not just survive?
The Pandemic
Are we ignorant and selfish (the Left)?
Are we cowardly and subservient (the Right)?
Or is there a response that transcends politics?
Should Kids Be Required To Say The Pledge Of Allegiance?
Children in America are frequently required to say the Pledge of Allegiance. While courts have held that the pledge does not violate Constitutional Rights, it has constantly been challenged over the concept of religious freedom, particularly among Jehovah's Witness.
Government (plenty Of Content)