Reflect on 'Soldiers should fight for the good'
Reflect means grasping the totality of a situation, especially our own role in producing it
Ask if you learned the lesson an experience presents. Without review, integration, and resolution, we have wasted the opportunity it presents to us. Learn more.
Is war ever justified?
Are you desensitized to violence? The military uses techniques to desensitize soldiers for battle. Are there ways in which you have become used to doing things which you were opposed to, through repetition or desensitization? What are they?
Are you responsible for wars? Are you cruel or brutal? In what ways?
"A military mind is one which embraces war as an essential, productive, and inspiring component of human existence." (On War, Clausewitz, intro, 21) What kind of mind do you have?
‘What share do you have in the world’s confusion and wickedness?’ (Herman Hesse, Steppenwolf, page 134)
What is the responsibility of the citizen for the wars of their country? What are the responsibilities of soldiers?
Is it ever just to attack civilians? Is ‘collateral damage’ acceptable?
What is ‘collateral damage’? Is it acceptable? Is it ever just to attack civilians?
What is the primary moral position of the soldier? Is it true, as Michael Walzer says, that "they are not criminals; they face one another as moral equals"? (127)
What is battle really like?
What are the ways in which you, directly or indirectly, support the military?