Vision for the Quest Money

Vision means reconstructing the dilemma we began with, from the inside out, so that it ceases to exist. Learn more.

Make money a force for good in your life.

Reduce the time and energy you spend getting and using things.
Support businesses that are striving for good.
Do not steal, exploit, or cause suffering.
Select a just vocation. Do not leave your personal values at the door.
'Just doing my job' is never enough.

Just doing my job' is not enough
Of course, we are required to follow instructions and enforce rules. But we need to do more than that – we need to take account of the role of our profession in society. Even when it might be necessary to do something uncomfortable, there is always a place for being caring and thoughtful.

– First, try to understand the effect of what you do. Never enforce a policy without thinking about its implications.
– Do not lie, mislead, or manipulate.
– Every situation should be addressed on its own terms. Be willing to recognize differences and make exceptions.
– Do what is right, even if that means risking your personal success or security.

Select a just vocation
1. It involves something in which you have a passionate interest. Do it because you choose to, not because you have to.
2. It challenges and nourishes you.
3. It does no harm.
4. It serves humanity in some way.

Limit your dependence on money
"There is nothing more important in the culture of man than to resist the dangers of commerce.” Ralph Waldo Emerson