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Visionary society is satisfying your thirst to live in the society you envision

What is Visionary Tanzania?
Visionary Tanzania is a way to connect travelers with people in need in Tanzania. Begin by selecting a category, and provide a small donation if you like. But that's the least of what we are doing.
Visionary Tanzania is a way to think about the basic terms of life and society, and act at that level. There are already hundreds of non-profit organizations. Our real goal is to address root causes of these problems, to help each other become more than we are.
Volunteers untertake a Life Plan, to set a path for their future. We provide training for that based on your contributions. Follow the path. Join us in a process of awareness of self and society, of reflection and transformation.
What do you want to see in Tanzania?

Create Proposal
What do you want to share with the Tanzania community?
What do you want to see in the world?
How do you want to make the world better?
– The item should primarily serve others, rather than a personal or business interest.
– It should be beneficial to others, by providing a practical or lasting benefit.
– Choose the options you need to create the experience you want. You may ask for support or up/down voting, schedule a meeting (and ask for RSVP), raise funds, or allow comments.

Local possibilities
Ask for volunteers. Publicize a meeting. Raise funds. Give a ride. Help with a shower or clothing.
Overseas possibilities
Money for school or training. Encourage non-profit organizations to offer assitance. Send books.
– An existing organization.
– A Visionary Society Project.
– Ask for volunteers.
– Have you started your own project that you'd like to share?
What interests, skills or insights (and other resources) can you offer or share with the community?
– Teach something or offer an experience.
– Schedule a meeting on a topic of importance.
– Do you have a specific skill, such as crafts, art, construction, cooking, life coaching, financial guidance?
– Teach something
– Tell a story about something you care about.
– Share your views about how to make your community better.
Ask community members to help with a cause. Promote any task, action or event. Offer anything you believe in, anyway, anyhow.
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