Reflect on 'Politics'
Reflect means entering a space for reflection on the entirety of the situation, esp. our own role in producing it.
Experiences and thoughts must take their proper place within us. Without review, integration, and resolution, we have wasted the opportunity they present to us. Thinking is just one part of understanding. To enter a mystery, we must engage the totality of our life. That includes heart and soul, hands and feet. What does it mean to 'integrate' an experience? Ask what is your own role in producing the problem, and responding to it. What is your personal experience with this issue? As you go through experiences, ask if you learned the lesson from them. Pay attention to the current situation, the way things really are at present. Learn more.
Get under the surface of a political or social issue

Turn a political conflict into a philosophical mystery. Transform the field on which the opposing parties meet, so that they do not meet in opposition.

– Listen deeply to a view that you are not inclined to agree with.
– Proceed with respect. Be gentle and helpful.
– Look underneath (to personal psychology, character, virtue, and will)
– Instead of demanding change, ask for understanding.
– Do not appeal to (or blame) leaders or authorities. Do not look to government or big business for a solution.
– Don't try to address external needs first.
– Find a way that changes assumptions, that all sides can agree with, that works at the heart level.
– Resolve the question in a new way.
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