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Class on Vegetarianism Culminating in Action
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Create and offer a one month class meeting weekly examining vegetarianism from the perspective of health, environment, ethics and treatment of animals. During this class all students will stop eating meat and/or dairy products. Our goal should be to form and initiate a Challenge and a Request.

Project Type & Period
Type: Event.
Period: Short.

Visionary Society Principle
Ability to think, reflect, and understand.
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Coordinator Duties
Publicize the class and facilitate the meetings.

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Develop the Topic to be used in the class meetings

3 Sessions 0 Opinions
Develop views and resources for a Topic or Topics in the 4 areas, health, environment, ethics and treatment of animals. Plan class meetings using the Topic.
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This Project created by
Visionary Society
on December 01, 2016
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