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Food cooperatives & Community markets
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We can restore local control of the industrial, corporate food system. In food cooperatives food is selected from local farmers, producers and artisans. It honors the environment, restores the local economy, and nourishes yourself and your family. Food cooperatives offer natural foods, practice social responsibility, and decisions are made by its members.

Project Type & Period
Type: New Place.
Period: Ongoing.

Visionary Society Principle
Ability to think, reflect, and understand.
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Food cooperatives operate according to the Cooperative Principles (also known as the Rochdale Principles)
1. Open, voluntary membership.
2. Democratic governance.
3. Limited return on equity.
4. Surplus belongs to members.
5. Education of members and public in cooperative principles.
6. Cooperation between cooperatives.

How to start a food cooperative
An online guide to starting a food co-op
Cooperative Grocers' Information Network (CGIN) Link Edit

“You marvel at the green eco-building that has warm light inviting you in. You are welcomed in by the smell of simmering spices and baked goods...

– Allie Evans, Astoria Co-op
Resource in "Food cooperatives & Community markets"
“You marvel at the green eco-building that has warm light inviting you in. You are welcomed in by the smell of simmering spices and baked goods...

– Allie Evans, Astoria Co-op

You peruse the upcoming schedule of cooking classes, kids’ classes and co-op activities that take place each month in the meeting/education space. You grab some recipe ideas and off you go to shop.
“You fill your basket with items that are intentionally selected from local farmers, producers and artisans. You know that each item you pick is honoring the environment, restoring our local economy, and nourishing yourself and your family. You feel good that each dollar your spend not only builds your health, but builds the vitality of our community and ripples out into improving our planet. You can find everything you need here: meat, seafood, deli, produce, home goods. Your co-op really is a one-stop shopping experience. The food here is beautiful, seasonal and fairly priced.
“As you shop, you enjoy seeing friendly faces, sharing conversation and feeling inspired about good food and good health. You smile as you realize that your co-op really has become the hub of the community…
“The staff makes you feel good to be here. It is the friendliest place to shop.”
“You are not alone. There are ever increasing numbers of owners and shoppers and your co-op is profitable and thriving. We are now able to explore giving micro-loans to local farmers to get started and help other co-ops succeed. Who would have thought that simply feeding yourself well and shopping the co-op could have such a huge effect on a local and global scale.

Article by Allie Evans, Astoria Co-op
Spring 2014 newsletter


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This Project created by
Visionary Society
on February 01, 2017
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