How to start Visionary Society in your community
  Learn about Visionary Society
  Fill out the online application
→   Prepare Visionary News
Sketch in the first edition. Visionary Society staff will review the plan with you and approve it.
Add articles, writing them yourself or with the help of paid or unpaid volunteers.
→   Proposals
→   Meeting
→   Other
→   Distribute and advertise the paper throughout town.
Primary locations only
→   Select the Sister Cities you wish to support.
Not in use
→   Edit the articles using our online system, and choose the size and position of each piece.

We will assist you in this process. A modest stipend is provided for each stage of production. Visionary Society staff will layout and publish the print edition and make it available to you.
– Stipend for each published article (4 - 6): $20 - 50
– Additional Editor stipend: $100
– Distribution: $3 per place (Total: $75 - $150)
– Receive 1/3 of all display advertising you receive.
Total: $300 - $500 or more, per edition.
Pace yourself by choosing an appropriate frequency of publication (quarterly, annually, etc)!

Visionary News is designed to make a small thing go a long way. A limited amount of local content is required. The rest of the material is provided by Visionary Society and appears in all editions. The intial size will be 8 letter size pages, but can expand in future editions, to include tabloid size pages, depending on local interest.

Our goal is mainly to present your community in a new way, as a question, a challenge and a choice, and to make this clear and inescapable. Visionary Society is proof that we do have power, if we choose to use it. Go ahead, use it!

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