What is a kindred city?

Kindred Cities is true friendship with your distant counterparts

It is a miracle enough when one human being reaches out to another. Can communities do the same, even though they are separated by nationality, language, culture and history? Can they break through provincialism and share what is essential? If so, they will have to become sisters.

Our brethren are scattered across the world. We know little about each other, yet we are connected to them in unknown ways and can’t be truly happy as long as we are separated from them.
How do sisters and brothers treat each other? Do they meet on special occasions only, such as holidays, weddings, or funerals? Do they make small talk and repeat old behavior patterns? Or do they care about what’s really going on with their brother or sister? Do they want to learn about real feelings and aspirations? Do they want to know when problems arise, and do they want to know when their sibling is suffering or in need?
Of course there are all kinds of sisters. But there’s something about sisterhood that can’t be debased. True sisters are equals. They are not parents, whose duty is to protect and nourish their child. They are not children, seeking support and guidance. Sisterhood is a radically equal lifelong partnership.
The Sister City movement has been around for decades, sponsoring cultural, educational and economic exchanges. It’s a good idea, but perhaps we can do more. We can reunite with our long-lost counterparts. An ancient unity can be redeemed.

1. Brothers and sisters know something about each other. They try to learn what the other really cares for and needs.
2. They express care toward each other. A sibling is someone you can count on.
Anyone can have a brother or sister!

How can you get started?

→ Explore the Topic to learn about the current situation and the root causes.
→ Look at the Newsletter for updates, including brief articles and video clips from Guides who live in the community.
→ Browse Proposals and select one that you’d like to help with, becoming a Participant. Take at least one small action annually (donate a small amount of money, write a letter, contact an organization, etc.
→ You are Kindred!

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