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Play Music By Local Musicians, And Display Art By Local Artists
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What is Meaningful Music?
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What is Meaningful Music?

Music pollution is mind pollution. What can we do about the brainwashing that occurs continually in the quasi-public places that we congregate in: restaurants, stores, malls, and government property?
Recorded music is used to manipulate states of mind, to exercise control, to stimulate desire. It is most often employed as a tool to distract people from the actual situation they are in. The music’s rhythm drowns out the true rhythm. It smothers and overwhelms the inside truth, enveloping it with desired conditions. It makes deep reflection and serious conversation almost impossible.
Two hundred years ago there was no recorded music. Fifty years ago recorded music existed but was not considered to be appropriate in most public spaces. It has taken a great deal of ‘open-mindedness’ to make us tolerant of and addicted to this habit.
Almost all recorded music is supported and distributed by corporations, which do not judge according to humanitarian standards but by the profit motive.
Any place that pipes in music ought to think about the impact on the lives of their guests. We have the right to reflect!

– Geoff Bederson



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