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Visionary Society is meant to grow naturally by those who have a special interest in any aspect of it, and would like to help develop that part in their community.

Please enter your location and explain what your interest in Visionary Society is and what role you'd like to take. We'll review this and start taking steps to making your community more Visionary!
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Reach the Heart of any Topic
These topics are under development. To see how it works you may want to check one of the following topics that are a little more developed: How to respond to suffering, Museums, Are vaccinations safe?, What is a just, decent prison?, The slow-moving revolution in Venezuela, Alaska meaningful travel, Should Pebble Mine be built?, What is modern culture?

This is a Topic with one Session.
How to get started with Visionary Topics

Select a Topic
Browse or search for any topic that is important to you. Enter into a mystery. Resolve an impossible question!
Review Resources
Review video clips, text or audio to understand others' point of view.
Vote on each Perspective
Discover what is good and true about each point of view.
Find a Resolution
Find a solution that changes the assumptions that created the problem to begin with.
Personal Life
This is a Topic with one Session.
Businesses & Organizations
This is a Topic with one Session.
This is a Topic with one Session.
This is a Topic with one Session.

▶   Find the truth of something you disagree with.
▶   Focus on the good, even when there are flaws.
▶   Become aware of your own biases.
▶   Look for causes of the present situation.
▶   Have respect for people with different interests!
Want to contribute to Topics? Create your own!
Create New Topic

Topics are a way to reach the heart of any issue.
Learn more about Topics
Create a Topic

It is easy to begin to create a Topic. Just enter the title and the categories to which it belongs. Once created, the following fields must be added before the Topic can be activated. (If you like, you can open it to the public for help adding Perspectives and Resources.)

Required fields:
▶   An image that represents the Topic.
▶   The Goal for the user to accomplish.
▶   A Perspective. Perspectives are simply short paragraphs summarizing a point of view about the Topic.
▶   A Resource, to help the user understand in greater depth. Resources can be of any of the following type: Text, PDF Documents, Video, Audio file, or Facts.
▶   A Question for the user to answer before finishing.

Under Development
The community is working on the following Inactive Topics. Pick one you're interested in to start helping.