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What should we do with our time, money, skills, talents? How can we maintain our integrity in a world where power, success and money are valued above all else?

Quests on Self
Who Am I?
We act at a level so much lower than we are capable. We are more than we conceive. Who should we become? What we can become capable of?
What is freedom? External freedom and domination, political and social domination, is easy to see. Does freedom also include freedom from ourselves – our confused, mishappen idea about what we want and who we are?
What Should I Do With My Life?
What is your unique gift to offer the world?
Why is there so much suffering in the world? Is it possible to believe in goodness, when bullies and tyrants get their way, and those with gentle souls suffer the most? Why do we suffer? Is suffering is inevitable? Is it necessary for spiritual growth? What does it mean to ‘turn suffering into a song’?
Are we essentially alone in the world? Why is it that social activity makes us more isolated? How is it that real aloneness – bringing an end to thought, ambition, desire – can also reduce loneliness?
What Is The Self?