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How can you make —Los AngelesSan FranciscoSeattleSewardAstoriaSalemHighlighted Action: use-economic-statistics-that-recognize-well-being-not-just-growthHighlighted Action: prices-should-be-reasonable-affordable-and-based-on-actual-costsHighlighted Action: dont-sell-meat-from-tortured-animalsHighlighted Action: ask-citizens-what-to-do-dont-tell-themHighlighted Action: encourage-depth-of-understanding-and-emotionHighlighted Action: Beautiful BooksHighlighted Request: Play Music by local musiciansHightlighted ActionactivatedPortlandAnchorage meaningful?
What's happening in —?Los Angeles?San Francisco?Seattle?Seward?Astoria?Salem?Highlighted Action: use-economic-statistics-that-recognize-well-being-not-just-growth?Highlighted Action: prices-should-be-reasonable-affordable-and-based-on-actual-costs?Highlighted Action: dont-sell-meat-from-tortured-animals?Highlighted Action: ask-citizens-what-to-do-dont-tell-them?Highlighted Action: encourage-depth-of-understanding-and-emotion?Highlighted Action: Beautiful Books?Highlighted Request: Play Music by local musicians?Hightlighted Action?activated?Portland?Anchorage?
Opportunities, events, learning, help needed and concerns from the community.
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Experience life in a homeless camp for one or two hours
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What we'll do
We'll visit the homeless camp downtown near the riverfront. Several long time residents there have agreed to share their experiences there and show us what life is really like for them. Reading about the issue or passing it on the street is one thing. Hearing it directly from the source is something else.

We’ll discuss what happens when Salem conduct their routine sweep or purges. Shopping carts, sleeping bags and tents are lost, and they are back to square one. And we’ll have time anything else residents would like to say or you would like to know.

The average person doesn’t understand what it is really like to live in a homeless camp. See the reality of it!

This Action created by Visionary on July 31, 2019
Ask for help
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Help me start a local podcasting collective
Type: Ask for help

What we'll do
I am trying to bring together a group of Portlanders to tell stories about matters of importance and create a new network of creators, listeners – and social action. Please click Support and share this message with your friends if possible? And consider joining us in making these stories!


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This Action created by Geoff on May 01, 2019
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