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Transform Security Guards Into Security Guides
A Request in the Conflict Category (Securities)
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Transform Security Guards into Security Guides
Redefine the role of security guards as helping, resolving, teaching, and sharing, rather than commanding and enforcing. Turn Security Guards into Dignity Guides and the People's Ombudsman.

Visionary Society Principle
Take the human element and inner life into account in what you do. (Humanity)

Security guards are hired to protect property and enforce rules. The position is based on the idea that we have to use force in the simplest difficulties. It diminishes trust, and increases fear. It may avoid conflict, but only delays the consequences.
Is there another way, one which looks first and foremost to our common humanity? If there are trouble makers, that is because they themselves are in trouble. They are on a downward path, and need help to step off of it.
Look at offenders as people who are in trouble, and who are in need of assistance. Look at them with the eyes of a mother. Engage with the heart, and help them in practical ways. Do whatever is possible to be of help.
Guides should be provided with an array of tools and resources to resolve problems and conflicts, including training in conflict resolution, and contacts with numerous sources for providing help.

Kinds of help
– Interact in a decent, personal way. Treat them as a person: a living being with a mind, heart and soul.
– Practical needs. Housing, food, cleanliness, medical care, safety, legal advice, therapy, psychological counselling.
– Conflict mediation. Work with local NVC, Compassionate Listening, etc.
– Learning. Vocational training, exploring important social and philosophical issues.
– Community.

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