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Visionary Society is meant to grow naturally by those who have a special interest in any aspect of it, and would like to help develop that part in their community.

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Support Human, Creative Businesses And Places
A Request in the Government Category
Validated by the Visionary Society Community (%, based on )
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What is a Request?

Requests are a new way to interact with the businesses and organizations you use, asking them to be more thoughtful and to change for the better.

This page is an overview of the Request as a whole. This Request is valid for any particular in , but must be Activated for each one based on whether it is relevant for that Place. Use this page to find Places where it is active, or add your own Places.

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As a Supporter, you can invite friends, customers and staff to participate,
as well as taking part in or creating Actions.
You may deactivate your Support at any time.

Support human, creative businesses and places
Support learning, art, meeting, discussion, reflection and cooperation throughout the community. Reduce regulations that limit interaction, fun and creativity. Expand the range of what is allowed.
Facilitate the development of local businesses that are at a disadvantage. Support local, small scale, independent media and entertainment. Reduce barriers for direct, diverse, autonomous businesses.

Visionary Society Principle
Build understanding, beauty and spirituality in practice.

Reduce barriers for work and business
Loosen regulations to allow direct, diverse, autonomous, create businesses and other action
Certification, licenses.
Think of Portland food carts, which spring up simply because they are .

Stimulate and support needed businesses that are at a disadvantage
Think of Slow fast food.

Support a wide range of activities for well-being, community, learning, etc.
Quality everyday products, services, places, things. How can we encourage the availability of fresh juice, rather than the plethora of commercialized sugar and caffeine drinks? ….

Improve zoning to allow tiny homes, and accessible, diverse communities and neighborhoods.

Encourage localism (or stop protecting big business)
Support compassionate, small, local businesses. What would it take for small, local, compassionate businesses to survive and thrive?
It does not have to do this through subsidies; it can happen simply by restoring equal opportunity for the small, independent, and creative and subsidies for the large and centralized.
Strengthen anti-trust capacity.
What activities are naturally local, which government should protect for local business? Corporations should not dominate local businesses because of their power. For instance, sanitation should not be controlled by Waste Management.

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