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Spaces For Community, Reflection, Discussion, Peace And Quiet
A Request in the Food Category (Cafes)
Validated by the Visionary Society Community (33.3%, based on 3 ratings)
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Spaces for community, reflection, discussion, peace and quiet
Create a quiet area where those who wish can be free of the impact of hypnotic music. Create music free spaces or spaces where music is low enough so that one's own private thoughts can be heard.
Any place that pipes in music ought to think about the impact on the lives of their guests. Combat mass culture. Encourage thought, reflection and discussion. We have the right to reflect!

Visionary Society Principle
Ability to think, reflect, and understand.

Wealth brings psychic numbing along with it. To combat this we need spaces for sensitivity to the real.
Two hundred years ago there was no recorded music. Fifty years ago recorded music existed but was not considered to be appropriate in most public spaces. It has taken a great deal of ‘open-mindedness’ to make us tolerant of and addicted to this habit.
Recorded music in businesses and public spaces has an insidious effect. It numbs the mind, stops serious conversation, and make it hard to reflect. Music pollution is mind pollution. What can we do about the brainwashing that occurs continually in the quasi-public places that we congregate in: restaurants, stores, malls, and government property?
Any place that pipes in music ought to think about the impact on the lives of their guests. We have the right to reflect!

Other possibilities:
Decent reading material.
An area dedicated to public conversation.
Period after closing for discussion and possibly free beverage or food

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“Forced listening attacks the mind’s integrity with a new directness, pushing more deeply, though no more painfully, into the minds of the unwilling than was possible with our ancestors’ homely ways of censorship and suppression.”
Charles L. Black Jr., He Cannot Choose But Hear: The Plight of the Captive Auditor

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