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Visionary Society is meant to grow naturally by those who have a special interest in any aspect of it, and would like to help develop that part in their community.

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Share The Story Of Your Business And The People Who Work There
A Request in the Business Category
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What is a Request?

Requests are a new way to interact with the businesses and organizations you use, asking them to be more thoughtful and to change for the better.

This page is an overview of the Request as a whole. This Request is valid for any particular in Portland, but must be Activated for each one based on whether it is relevant for that Place. Use this page to find Places where it is active, or add your own Places.

► Visit the Request page to track the progress of a Request over time
Each Request has a page to track its progress until it finally reaches Success.

► Easily Support a Request for a place you use. Just click Support.
Share the Request on social media to publicize it.

► Advance the Request by using Invitations
Speak with anyone involved in the place, including customers, staff and management. Give them an Invitation card.

► Create a new Request for any Place you use.

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As a Supporter, you can invite friends, customers and staff to participate,
as well as taking part in or creating Actions.
You may deactivate your Support at any time.

Share the story of your business and the people who work there
A business is more than a way to make money or sell a product or service. It is a part of the community. Help your customers understand who you are and what brings you here. What is the purpose of this place? What are your personal interests in it? What are your hopes and dreams for its future?

Visionary Society Principle
Take the human element and inner life into account in what you do. (Humanity)

There are any number of ways to present these stories. Put them on a bulletin board. Create a small separate area for your customers to explore. Build a new section of your website. Just make sure it is accessible to any who might be interested. And make sure to allow each person to speak with their own authentic voice!

Include anything of interest: history, pictures, hobbies, social or personal ideas, etc. Invite any staff member who is interested, including front line, managers and owners, involved. Share the story of your place. Let us see who you are!

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Requests are community based. Please select the community where you live.