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Transparency About The Nature And Ingredients Of Food
A Request in the Food Category
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Transparency about the nature and ingredients of food
Support the right of customers to knowledge of the conditions of the food they consume.
It is hard for the customer to know what they are really getting, including the conditions under which the food was produced, including use of GMOs and pesticides and the treatment of workers; the way it reached us; the food quality and effect on us. Label products and provide other resources so pertinent information is easily available.

Visionary Society Principle
Ability to think, reflect, and understand.

Label genetically modified food. “Consumers have no way to know when they are eating genetically altered foods. That’s because the Food and Drug Administration has chosen not to classify alien genes as food additives and therefore does not require that they be listed on food labels. A bag of corn chips, for instance, must disclose that salt has been added, but it need not reveal that the corn itself has been genetically manipulated to contain its own pesticide.” !

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The Proposed Nutrition Label: A Quick Read, Out Front. Article by Mark Bittman

My Dream Food Label, by Mark Bittman

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