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Visionary Society is meant to grow naturally by those who have a special interest in any aspect of it, and would like to help develop that part in their community.

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Support Other Local Religious Organizations
A Request in the Spirituality Category
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Requests are a new way to interact with the businesses and organizations you use, asking them to be more thoughtful and to change for the better.

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As a Supporter, you can invite friends, customers and staff to participate,
as well as taking part in or creating Actions.
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Support other local religious organizations
Have knowledge of, respect for, and support of other religions and ways of life
Establish a place in your meeting place for all other religious groups in your community.
Collaborate helpfully with other religious groups and organizations. Create forums to share your unique insights together, with the goal of building a common framework for a larger spiritual community.
Join with other churches in practical social action.

Visionary Society Principle
Compassion, empathy, kindness, helpfulness.

Support other religions and organizations.
Explore the insights and strengths of other religions, churches, sects and ways of life. Find out how you agree, rather than on how you differ. Focus on what is good in each organization, not what is harmful.
Do not claim that your views are the only correct ones. Do not claim that your system is the only way to achieve happiness.
Be open to value of other organizations. Explore how we are the same as others, not different.

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