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Sell Meat From Animals That Were Raised Under Just Conditions
A Request in the Food Category (Supermarkets)
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Sell meat from animals that were raised under just conditions
Factory farms raise animals in abusive conditions. Billions of chickens, pigs and cows are exploited in ways that we wouldn't condone if we were given a choice. We realize that these issues can't be resolved all at once. Instead, we are asking you to select one way to start selling meat from animals that were treated ethically.

Visionary Society Principle
Do not mislead or take advantage of others. (Exploitation)

Select one of the following:
– When you sell do meat from factory farms, provide background information about the conditions under which the animals were raised.
-- Sell more meat from animals that were raised under just conditions.
– Sell chickens that…
– Sell beef that… 
-- Sell pork that…

Almost all of the meat, milk and eggs consumed in the United States come from factory farms, which raise billions of chickens, pigs and cows every year. These inhumane, unhealthy factory-like facilities are crowded and inhumane, producing suffering and misery.

There is never an excuse for abusing or torturing animals.

Most factory-farmed animals have been genetically altered to grow larger or produce more, making normal life impossible. They are unable to engage in natural behaviors. Antibiotics are used to make animals grow faster and to keep them alive in the filthy conditions. Sick and suffering animals are neglected. There is rough and abusive handling by workers. Physical modifications, like teeth-clipping or tail-docking, are performed without anesthetic. At the slaughterhouse many are still conscious while having their throats cut or dropped into boiling water.

Most chickens have no access to the outdoors and never see daylight. Most adult chickens have less than one square foot of space to live in, and suffer from serious physical problems brought on by genetic manipulation (high egg volume, maximum breast meat). Some chickens grow so unnaturally large that their legs cannot support their outsized bodies.

Piglets are removed from their mothers when less than three weeks old and placed in large, windowless sheds without fresh air, sunlight or outdoor access. Most have no access to the outdoors and never see daylight. Their pens are too small and crowded for adequate movement and exercise. Ammonia fumes rise to dangerous, uncomfortable levels due to the pigs’ waste.

When one year old most beef cattle are sent to live their last few months in crowded, squalid feedlots with hundreds or thousands of others. They are fed an unnatural grain diet that causes pain and illness. Without pasture and often without shelter, the cattle must stand in mud, ice, and their own waste. When a calf is born on dairy farms , he or she is removed from the mother to make the mother’s milk available for collection. This is very traumatic to mother cows and to their calves.

We are given little information about the conditions in which the meat that we eat was produced. In fact, this information is often suppressed, and some laws prohibit disclosing the truth about how the animals we eat are treated…
In this Request we are taking no position on whether killing and eating animals is justified. That is an entirely different ethical question. But we can say with certainty that animal suffering, abuse and torture is without exception, always wrong.

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