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Topic: What Is The Meaning Of Public Libraries?
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“A great library cannot be entered by one of refinement in thought and aspiration without a certain feeling of awe. Surrounded by the productions of genius, the elegance of art, the delights of the mind, it is but natural that in the quiet, silent library, reverence should possess the soul.” Richard Skinner, November 1861
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What is true about each perspective, and how can we bring these together to understand the best meaning of a public library?
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"Libraries represent the power of knowledge"
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Topic: What is the meaning of public libraries?

Libraries represent the power of knowledge

“Knowledge is power, and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power that knowledge gives.” Thomas Jefferson

Libraries, to me, represent the power of knowledge. Within them are held the collective wisdom of those who have both shaped and transformed the world in which we live from scientists, to activists, to philosophers, to religionists.


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Opinion added by
Visionary Society
on April 29, 2018
This is the opinion of Michael Benson
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Link: To Restore Civil Society, Start With the Library NYT, Sep 8 2018
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Link: The Meaning of Libraries Huff Post, 12/09/2013

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What is most important – and true – about each perspective, especially those you disagree with? Taking all this into account, what do you think is most important about libraries?

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