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Session: Israel / Palestine Overview
This is a Session within the Topic Israel - Palestine Conflict
Reach the heart of a Global Conflict
– Instead of demanding change, ask for understanding.
– Don't try to address external needs first.
– Find a way that changes assumptions, that all sides can agree with, that works at the heart level.
Learn more
Find what is true or insightful about each perspective, and resolve these contradictions by descending to the level that created the conflict to begin with. (The goal is not to determine which side is right, or even to find a solution that satisfies the interests of each side.)What is the cause of the conflict? What are the grievances of the sides you oppose? What is the suffering of the side you oppose?What is good or true about the side that you oppose?What is the superficial problem? What is the underlying problem?
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"Israel is being criticized unfairly, held to a higher standard than othe"
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Reach the Heart of a Perspective
Topic: Israel / Palestine Overview

Israel is being criticized unfairly, held to a higher standard than othe

Israel is being held to a higher standard than other countries.
We have no right to criticize Israel as long as we are responsible for our own war crimes.
It's always rich to hear Americans criticize Israel for killing civilians or occupying land in war time, while ignoring their own rampant war crimes. Americans killed more civilians in a few months in Iraq than Israel has in its entire existence.
Americans, today, are occupying dozens of nations, including still being in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Why isn't there a worldwide BDS movement to call for actions against American occupiers and far more frequent civilian murderers?
This is the double standard Kemp is referring to. Other nations have committed far more atrocities and crimes than Israel has, yet these nations are exempt from criticism, or at least exempt from the same level of criticism aimed towards the Jewish state.
The fact it's a Jewish state has everything to do with this. There is literally no other explanation when people ignore atrocities occurring all around Israel that are far worse.


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Addresses the root issue
Flawed, one-sided, or superficial
How to Explore a Perspective
Relax, focus. Take a step back and look at the Perspective from all sides. Now, zero in at the center!
What is the Bias?
What assumptions does it make? Whose interests does it serve?

What is your Personal Experience?
How does it make you feel? How do your experiences, privileges, and personal interests affect your understanding of it?
Now, enter the heart
▶ Say something good about what you disagree with, even if there are flaws.
▶ Find causes, not symptoms. Ask what lies at the root.
▶ Have respect for people with different views, insights, and priorities!
Opinion added by
Visionary Society
on February 10, 2018
This is the opinion of Decatur Winnipeg
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Noam Chomsky on the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Sam Harris On The Israel/ Palestine Conflict
Sound: Rafif Ziada

Other Resources
Link: The U.N.’s Gaza Report Is Flawed and Dangerous The U.N.’s Gaza Report Is Flawed and Dangerous

Ask the impossible question!
1. Is there a decent balance or compromise we can make, taking into account the real, underlying needs (what is good and true) of each side? 2. How can we address the underlying situation that created the problem to begin with (not just by addressing current, external issues)?

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