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Israel - Palestine Conflict
This is an inactive Topic with Multiple Sessions
This Topic is under development by the creator, Tim . Why not help out by adding your own Perspectives and Resources? Click on an Inactive Session, below, to begin!
Topic Sessions
Israel / Palestine Overview (Active)
Causes Of The Conflict (Inactive: 0 perspectives, 0 resources)
The Suffering Of Israelis (Inactive: 1 perspective, 0 resources)
The Suffering Of The Palestinians (Inactive: 1 perspective, 2 resources)
Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) (Inactive: 0 perspectives, 0 resources)
Other Possibilities (Inactive: 1 perspective, 0 resources)
Understand The Grievances Of Each Side (Inactive: 0 perspectives, 0 resources)
Songs About Israel And Palestine (Active)
Conflict In Burna (Inactive: 0 perspectives, 0 resources)
Conflict At Gaza Fence: The Great March Of Return (Spring 2018) (Inactive: 5 perspectives, 5 resources)
Organizations and Activities in the Community
Profound Peace for the Israeli/Palestinian conflict:
– An alternative deep peace rally to be scheduled at a central public square locally.
– Form a Peace Brigade for this conflict.
See Profound Peace
Associated Visionary Society Action LINK