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Police Pledge: ‘Understand, Help and Protect’
This Challenge is a Pledge for Soldiers
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Police Pledge: ‘Understand, Help and Protect’

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Police Pledge: ‘Understand, Help and Protect’

A policeman will befriend the participants of an altercation, and guide the parties to support at the level at which the rift occurred.
Help people in trouble, not just with immediate needs, but with what is of lasting importance. And help those who are causing trouble.
Strive to understand the situation of the living human being before you. Take a cooperative, rather than an adversarial approach.

Visionary Society Principle
Serve the internal and underlying needs of all involved. (Well-being)
-- Take a cooperative rather than an adversarial approach. Use force only when strictly necessary.
-- Use all of your resources to provide assistance to people in trouble.
-- Enforcing the law is important, but not as important as respecting humanity.
-- Do not lie. It is hard for the public to have respect for an institution and a person that intentionally distorts the truth in order to accomplish their goals.
-- Listen deeply to those who disagree with you.
-- Seek a resolution for all parties involved:: Offender, victim, and the community.
Approach people as equals. Do not expect servility.

– Police officers must understand the complexity of human needs. They must seek understanding: to recognize each other at the deepest level possible.
Reflect on the justice of the laws you enforce and work towards improving them. Don’t be overzealous in enforcing technocratic rules. Keep in mind that the human being is always prior.
Listen deeply to those who disagree with you. The police, and those whose interests they serve, such as politicians and property owners, should agree to listen deeply to the views of the protesters. And to explore them in learning forums.
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