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Soldiers Pledge: Fight For the Good
This Challenge is a Pledge for Soldiers
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Soldiers Pledge: Fight For the Good

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Soldiers Pledge: Fight For the Good

Soldiers should fight for more than mere victory. They can fight for a lasting and meaningful resolution to the conflict. To do this, we must begin with the attempt to understand. While still doing their duty, soldiers should never forget to try to understand the suffering, grievances, hopes and dreams of the opposing side.

Visionary Society Principle
Build understanding, beauty and spirituality in practice.
Soldiers are admired because they are willing to fight for and sacrifice their very lives, in the service of an ideal. We can take this a step further, by ensuring that the ideal is worthy, that the soldier is not only courageous, but good.

Understand the grievances of the opposing side.
Understand the suffering of the opposing side.
Understand one's own role in aggression.
Look for the flaws, but focus on the good.
Plan and work for a deeper resolution to the conflict.
Visionary Society Topics are provided to explore these issues.

There is a standard higher than national victory.
Take personal responsibility for all of your actions. Retain and exercise your free will. You have the right to refuse military orders. Don’t do it if it’s wrong!
Understand the effect of your own actions on people and communities, especially on civilians. Include the indirect and long-term effects as well as the immediate ones.
The soldier embodies these three qualities, in this order: Understanding, compassion, and courage.

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