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Visionary Society is meant to grow naturally by those who have a special interest in any aspect of it, and would like to help develop that part in their community.

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Visionary Society Impossible Question for money
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What is an Impossible Question?

In every area of life we meet a mystery, a disjunction between the way things are now and how they should be. There is a conflict between our limited knowledge, our weak nature, our poorly formed social institutions, and our higher nature and our highest vision. This conflict is a good thing. It is an opportunity to step off the treadmill and reimagine our entire approach.

Solving the problem intellectually or through some kind of social plan will not help much. Instead, focus your attention on the intractable enigma.

Join us in entering into the mystery of this impossible, beautiful question. If you ask the question fully, with all your will, and with good will, an answer will appear – one that challenges our assumptions and reconceives our humanity.

“The question is the beginning of all thinking. In knowing how to ask the right question lies the only hope of arriving at an answer.” Abraham Heschel, Man Is Not Alone 

“We never put the impossible question – we are always putting the question of what is possible. If you put an impossible question, your mind then has to find the answer in terms of the impossible – not of what is possible. It was impossible to go to the moon… If you put it with tremendous earnestness, with seriousness, with passion, you’ll find out. But if you say, ‘Oh, it is possible,’ then you are stuck.” J. Krishnamurti, The Impossible Question
Can money be a force for good?
(Including what we need for humanity, learning, spirituality and joy?)
What is worth doing for work? What is real wealth, what is worth having and doing? If not money, what can galvanize people to work?
Getting and spending money consumes most of our active life.
What is the proper scale of economic relationships? Is there a limit to prosperity? Should there be? What are just economic relationships? What is truly fair trade?
Is it possible to go beyond the utilitarian, trivial, egotistical self?
Learning Pathway
Explore these resources to prepare yourself to decide on our invitation in money.

Give up one purchase each month, and give the amount to charity
Choose one day a week to shop at local, small businesses only
Make money a force for good in your life
Visionary Places
Do the places you use in the money category have heart and soul? Join them, invite them to participate, and track their progress!
How to invite Places

Serve the common good, especially in the product or service you offer
Stand up for your highest ideal in these money categories



Thrift store

Pawn shop

Convenience store


Big box store

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A new kind of hippocratic oath
How to help with Pledges

We are responsible for what we do in our job, regardless of what we are told to do and regardless of our personal needs and interests. We should also try to understand the effects of what we do, and begin to make improvements, even if that means risking our personal success or security. Never enforce a policy without thinking about its implications.
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Public Events
Bring the insights and opportunities presented here to the public!

Prices, salaries, and use of profits should be fair
Play music by local musicians, and display art by local artists
Share the story of your business and the people who work there
Don’t be manipulative in marketing and pricing
Requests in the business category
Have you explored the material above? Are you ready?
Join others in your community in making money meaningful
Join others in your community in building Visionary money
As a Participant, you can:
– Receive notifications about actions and events in money in your location.
– Help envision a solution to the perennial problems we face in this area.
– Join the businesses and organizations in money you use, reenvisioning the role they place.
– Be informed of and take part in special public projects for building a Visionary money.
– Announce your participation in this community of those working to reconceive and rebuild life in this area!


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Make money a force for good in your life
Take less from the poor.
Select a just vocation.
Reduce the time, energy and money you spend getting and using things.
Establish a maximum level of income.
Spend for good.
Do not steal, exploit, or cause suffering.
Fight the forces of economic globalization.
Support businesses that are striving for good.
The Present
“A standard objection to the whole program of selective that in the free market economy the consumers get precisely what they want, and hence there is no need for ‘selective’ production....The important fact that the argument plainly ignores is that the wishes of the consumer are manufactured by the producer.”
Erich Fromm,
Money is not wealth: it is only a measure of wealth. The real wealth is people, communities, cultures, land, forests and rivers. Accountants therefore need to take all these elements into account. The bottom line has to include social and natural as well as financial loss and gain.
Satish Kumar,